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Video gaming

Video game translation and localisation is a detailed subject, one that we can make easy and clear for you to understand, so that you can leave all the details to us. In a nutshell, video game translation looks after the word-for-word translation of text within the video game, whereas video game localisation will adapt the video game from its original form and make it ready for market in the countries of your choice.

Video game translation

With video game translation, we’ll take the source text of your game and translate it into the languages of your choice. We will take into consideration the size of the on-screen text (OST) and if necessary, use typesetting to make sure the translated text fits into the same parameters as the source text. We’ve worked with clients such as 505 Games to translate their hit game Terraria into four languages: French, Italian, German and Spanish (FIGS). We only work with in-country linguists that are experts within video gaming to ensure your translation project is turned around in the quickest time and to the highest quality.

Video game localisation

Video game localisation goes a lot further than translation to adapt for cultural and social differences between your target markets. For example, if you’re translating from English to Arabic, video game localisation will take into consideration that English is read from left to right and Arabic is read from right to left, as well as taking strong religious beliefs into account, for example. Getting this wrong could mean that you either alienate your target audience or offend them.

Top 6 video games of 2019 (in terms of revenue)

  1. Fortnite
  2. Dungeon Fighter Online
  3. Honour of Kings (including Arena of Valor)
  4. League of Legends
  5. Candy Crush Saga
  6. Pokémon GO

Why choose Jackpot Translation for your next video gaming project?

Our language services are directly catered towards video game companies, including Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPG) who need to launch their new video game to a new market, or for partnering with to provide long-term translation and localisation services as your game(s) expand. We have years of experience in serving the industry with a whole range of language services including translation and localisation, proofreading, subtitling, voiceover, transcreation and much more.

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