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review plus

Ensuring consistent results across the board, with review plus


During the localisation process, the content has to be reviewed. We can review it using our team of linguists or you could assign a member of your team to take care of this. Sometimes a project will need to be reviewed by multiple people in multiple locations, which can result in multiple versions being passed around.

review plus will streamline your review process, saving time, providing peace of mind and ultimately saving money, as all amendments are automatically saved in your translation memory for future use.

Stakeholders can access the most up-to-date version of any text, allowing full visibility of what has been altered, who altered it and the progress status. review plus allows you to view, review and sign off your translations, all in one easy-to-use centralised platform, before we deliver them to you.

You are then able to assign different access levels to your stakeholders and assign them specific jobs or language combinations. Reviewers have access to your in-built terminology verification and glossaries, ensuring consistent results across the board. All changes are made directly in the platform and are automatically saved in your history. Once accepted, all amendments are immediately updated into your translation memory for future use.

Reviewers also benefit from a number of additional functionalities during the review process:
  • Segment memory:

    Start where you left off, even if you haven’t logged on for days.

  • Highlighting of translation memory matches:

    Ensure that terms, phrases and sentences that have already been implemented into our translation databases are not changed by the same or subsequent reviewers.

  • Pre-sign-off commenting:

    If your reviewer needs to flag anything up that needs addressing during delivery, this is the place to do it.

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