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MT plus

For speed and accessibility, use MT plus (machine translation)


People often think automatic translation is convenient and is all you need to obtain the text in the required language. However, this is not the best approach, as machines can’t take into account context, best practices and local knowledge. The only obvious benefits are speed and accessibility.

We understand why this can be useful, which is why we’ve created MT plus: a flexible automatic-translation technology that can be integrated into an existing workflow (for example, to translate content originating from aggregated news feeds or database sources). We can even incorporate a human post-edit stage if required, to allow for all the extra checks that truly localise content. MT plus adopts a best-of-both-worlds approach by combining traditional translation memory technology with advanced automatic translation. And, if you have a preference for an existing MT engine or API, such as Microsoft Translator, Google Translate, Moses, Kantan, Systran, BeGlobal or Omnifluent, then MT plus can be plugged in to it right away.

Benefits of using MT plus:
  • Reduced costs compared to 100% human translation
  • Faster turnaround times for high-volume projects
  • Combination of technology greatly increases quality
  • Large volumes of multilingual content becomes accessible

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