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i plus

Unique translation management system, i plus


i plus is our unique translation management system (TMS) designed and built in-house, enabling our team of developers to continually add updates and to personalise its functionality to meet the requirements of the betting and gaming industries. This will save time, automate processes and streamline workflows.

In such high-pressure environments, you need to be in full control of your localisation projects. i plus allows you to centralise all of your translation requirements, no matter how complex, into one manageable and easy-to-use platform accessible through any web browser. Take advantage of our internet banking-level encryption and 360-degree overview of every current and completed job.

Jackpot Translation is proud to be part of the only language services company in the world to offer a localisation solution for not only inbound, but more importantly, outbound social media posts using human translators. This means that all your updates are localised to retain consistency and key sentiment, and expressed within character limitations in the most appropriate way for each country — something Google Translate can’t do.

Benefits of i plus:
  • Internet banking-level encryption for security
  • Encrypted sending and receiving of documents for translation, to ensure maximum confidentiality
  • Set customised user permissions
  • Integrate with websites, CMS, DMS and database applications
  • Receive real-time project status information
  • UninterrupteAccess translation memories and glossaries onlined 24-hour service
  • Generate instant reports about historical usage: expenditure, word counts and more.

i plus hosts a comprehensive array of tools to help with all aspects of your language project.

m plus

match plus

  • Enhanced translation memory matching technology
  • Analyses content based on document/database structure, as well as text
  • Cost savings through increased match automation

cad plus

CAD plus

  • Unique software application for localising CAD (computer-aided design) drawings
  • Minimises error rate by avoiding file conversion and manual copy/paste
  • Increased cost savings and better translation quality through memory reuse

author plus

author plus

  • Plug-in facilitating the authoring process for technical documentation
  • Similar or related content is flagged by tags, to increase consistency
  • Downstream localisation spend decreases, thanks to more accurate source content
  • Better readability, as content becomes more user-oriented


web service plus

  • Standards-based API for integration of translation services
  • Ideal for CMS, DMS and other database-driven applications
  • Enables instant updating of fast-moving dynamic content
  • Integrates with standard processes, as well as machine translation (MT) technology


QA plus

  • ISO 9001:2008 compliant QA model supported by custom QA software
  • Detects missing content or formatting inconsistencies between source and target
  • Improves translation quality and reduces error rates

p plus

processor plus

  • Powerful tool for complex file types, including XML and mobile device content
  • Automates splitting, conversion and rebuilding of files for QA checks
  • Minimises error rate and saves time by eliminating manual copy/paste

align plus

align plus


  • Automated translation memory alignment
  • Faster and less costly creation of memories from legacy content
  • Enables cost savings through reuse of existing content
  • Higher translation quality through consistent use of terminology

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