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Terminology management

With the necessary tools to ensure that a translation is consistent from start to finish

To obtain the most accurate translations for successful gaming localisation, strong terminology management is essential. Otherwise, you risk receiving inconsistent translations that are a waste of time and money and will negatively affect the success of your product. For example, if the demographic for your game is young children, then the terminology must be suitable for them. However, if the game is a military simulation, then the terminology here must appropriately reflect that which is used in similar situations. If the target audience isn’t considered at all and the content is not tailored accordingly, it will negatively affect the user’s experience. Managing your terminology is one of the ways in which Jackpot Translation proactively ensures you are always able to speak to your global audience in your voice.

At the beginning of our working relationship, we will identify and systematically classify important words and phrases that are to be used during the translation process. This can include, but are not limited to, brand names, item names, locations, and character names, as well as other tools and objects. Key terms are not just frequently used words: they can also be words that are used only once or twice in a job, but that are integral to the meaning of a text. They can include abbreviations, approved terms, trademarked and excluded terms, as well as rules on when to use them.

For example, in the online casino world, there are a lot of key terms used every day that might not literally translate into another language. With our terminology management system, these vital words will be translated by specialised gaming linguists and saved for future projects. Poker, roulette, fruit machines, blackjack and bingo all use unique terminology such as free spins, bonus, freeroll, sweepstakes, full house, flush, which if literally translated would give a whole other meaning. That’s why working with specialists in the industry, such as Jackpot Translation, will mean that you can benefit from our years of experience within the industry to make sure the right terms are used for every translation project.

Our team of translators and dedicated in-house terminology coordinators are at hand to ensure that terms of vital importance to our clients’ texts are stored and updated regularly. Using the latest terminology management software (e.g. MultiTerm, XBench, Oliphant, etc.), we help provide our linguists with all the necessary tools to ensure that a translation is consistent from start to finish, allowing quicker turnaround times.

Jackpot Translation guarantees:
  • Consistent corporate brand communication
  • Accurate translation results
  • Time savings, as the terminology is always correct from the very beginning
  • Where appropriate, translations are reused via translation memory technology, which leads to ongoing time and cost benefits

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