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Sports betting & sportsbook

Sports betting is a vast subject; the sheer number of sports that can be covered makes it an interesting and diverse topic to work with. All sports have their own terms that quite often need to stay in their original form to maintain their meaning; more importantly, more often than not, such terms can’t be directly translated. This is why we work with linguists with years of experience in translating sporting terms to ensure your project is of the highest quality and turned around in the quickest time.

We can work with you regardless of the sport type; our clients often work with sports such as football, cricket, rugby, golf, athletics and tennis. Our parent company, translate plus, was chosen as a preferred supplier for the London 2012 Olympics.

English variations

As a specialist localisation agency, it’s our job to know the difference between the variants of the English language. For example, in American English, football is referred to as soccer and American football is something rather different to the football we know and love in the UK. It’s always important to specify which market(s) you’re targeting for this very reason.

Sportsbook translation

We’ll work with you to ensure that your sportsbook translation and localisation will drive your target market to that all important end conversion. It’s a fast industry, especially when big sporting events are going on: from the Grand National and the World Cup to big football and rugby weekends, it’s important that your content makes sense and drives users through your site and/or app. That’s what we’re here for and with our competitive prices, fast turnaround and excellent quality, you’ll kick yourself for not working with us sooner!

If you would like a free quote on your next project, or have any questions about sports betting and sportsbook localisation, please feel free to get in touch via the quote form or visit our contact page for alternative methods. We’ll get back to you right away.

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