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And yes, we offer subtitling too...

As gaming and gambling technologies have evolved, subtitling and dubbing have become commonplace. They are incorporated into programs for many reasons, including:

  • difficulties finding suitable voice actors in different languages
  • story comprehension is easier for some people if they can read it
  • a combination of music and sound effects may make it harder for people to understand dialogue
  • as a workaround for dialogue glitches
  • accents may prove difficult to follow, especially if gamers are located across the world and unfamiliar with the original accent
  •  for the hearing impaired

Here at Jackpot Translation, we have worked with international global clients to create effective subtitling for their products. We know that regulators around the world have specific guidelines for subtitling to which broadcasters must adhere, and deviation from this can lead to penalties and unnecessary duplication of work. We enable our clients to manage their subtitling in the format that is best suited for their target markets.

We offer both subtitling in the source language as well as translation into over 200 languages, undertaken by our qualified team and rigorously checked for outstanding quality.

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