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Smooth design with design plus


Your graphic design teams, marketing teams and advertising agencies often face the same challenge: they use Adobe InDesign to create engaging materials but the files then need approval from someone outside the team. That person may not have access to InDesign or may not know how to use it. One option is to use PDFs with sticky notes: however, not only does this take up a lot of time, but copying and pasting into Word can lead to things being missed and the formatting of text and imagery being changed. In addition, all the content then needs to be copied back into InDesign. In the high-energy betting and gaming industries, where faster time-to-market can influence where companies place in the charts, there is no time to waste.

With design plus, your teams can use our secure cloud-based environment to send an INDD or IDML file for review in any web browser. They don’t need previous experience with InDesign and there’s nothing to install. Reviewers can see a live preview and edit text so it is exactly how they want it, before saving their changes so that the InDesign file is updated.

Furthermore, with the click of a button, InDesign documents can be exported into numerous other formats, including PDF, SWF, XFL, XML and many more. Therefore, design plus can even be used to simply see what’s in an INDD file if you don’t have InDesign on your system, or to save an InDesign CC document to IDML so that it can be opened in an older version of InDesign.

Benefits of design plus:
  • No need to buy expensive InDesign licences to edit text.
  • Cloud-based, so you can use design plus anywhere.
  • Users don’t need any knowledge or experience of InDesign.
  • Assign multiple users with varying levels of access and full encryption.
  • Export files to multiple formats for ease of use.

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