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Helping your customers to experience complete engagement

With a high-revenue global customer base, it’s important that all players are receiving the same level of experience from your service. With millions of consumers across many countries, it can be complicated to communicate the right message effectively in every language and every culture.

The answer to this challenge is transcreation. When you need to allow more creative freedom in the generation of localised copy or marketing collateral, our transcreation service provides a “freer” adaptation of source content than you would normally expect from straightforward translation.

Transcreation actually originates from the video gaming industry, when game publishers realised that simply translating words for their international markets did not provide a satisfactory user experience for all their players. Rather than a direct rendering of the source text into a target language, clients requiring adaptation will need certain aspects of the source content changed, such as game scripts, to better suit the target-language audience, while still preserving the overall sense and direction of the source.

The adaptation process needn’t be restricted to the text content: we can also advise on when imagery or other aspects may need to be modified, in order to achieve the best impact in different cultures, helping your customers to experience complete engagement and you to score highly on the leader boards.

Jackpot Translation guarantees:
  • Brand-consistent messaging; we won’t change what you mean or your vision but ensure that it is communicated across the board with the right meaning.
  • Peace of mind; we can take the stress out of international communications and the fear that your message could mean something inaccurate or even negative in other markets.
  • Quality is maximised; we only work with linguists who know about this industry and are in your target market, so we can guarantee that we only deliver high-quality work.

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