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Gambling & casino translation

Did you know that global casino gaming revenue reached $159.71bn last year? That’s a lot of money up for grabs right there! Here at Jackpot Translation, we can help you to reach your global expansion strategy and work in partnership with you to communicate to your target markets in a way that will increase your revenue.

Understanding the customer is vital in casino gaming to ensure the right messages are reaching the right punters. It’s a fast-paced industry and money can exchange hands rapidly, which is why it’s important that your content is relevant and on the money.

Casino terms

The world of casinos and gambling uses many industry-specific terms that may not have a direct translation in other languages. Quite often, the terms are kept in their original form and it’s important to work with linguists who are experts in the industry, which is a given with us. All our linguists have 5+ years’ experience of working in casino translation and know which terms need to be translated and which don’t to maintain the core message whilst creating the maximum impact.

Online and land casinos

Online casinos are on the rise, which means you have a growing pool of audiences to choose from. With the constant developments in technology, gambling is becoming more accessible and therefore the demand for it is increasing. We’re here to help you profit from this growing demand by taking care of your casino localisation projects. We also work with land casinos that are looking to communicate with their international customers in a way that will resonate with them.

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