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Mobile & app internationalisation

Our streamlined solution ensures the highest quality

Mobile media and app usage has spiked in recent years, and with over 75% of the world’s population having access to a mobile phone, it is a growing and highly lucrative market. Research suggests that in 2015, global mobile revenues will emerge stronger than console games for the first time with an estimated revenue of $30.3 billion. This is a huge market worldwide with studies showing that in 2014, Asia Pacific held the highest revenues at $12.2 billion; North America came in second at $4.9 billion and the rest of the world was quickly rising too. Apple’s App Store records state that as of summer 2015, gaming apps were the most popular category.

Here at Jackpot Translation, we understand how important it is to be in the top lists for downloads, not just in the local markets but internationally. Focus on time-to-market is sometimes prioritised to publish first and conquer the market; however, this can lead to inaccurate translations, resulting in poor user experiences, bad reviews and ultimately a lower ranking in the download charts.

We help some of the largest brands, such as Apple, with their mobile and app globalisation projects. Our streamlined solution ensures you receive the highest quality, whilst our network of linguists can work around the clock to guarantee delivery within short turnaround times.

We work with all types of mobile devices and smartphone operating systems, including Apple iOS, Google Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry OS to name a few.

Our solutions are always tailored to your specific requirements and are compatible with the following operating systems:
  • Symbian
  • Windows Phone
  • Linux
  • Palm
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Custom OS
  • Java
  • BlackBerry

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